Is Money the Way?

Something to think about..

Yesterday I've attended a rally, or so they call it a rally. With a batch of "same-minded" peoples going to attend bonus presentation of one of the MLM company. At first I've no idea what's the event was going to be like till i'm in the climate. The Chairman awarded a $131 000 cheque to a couple, it's only bonus exclude the regular sum of money they got every month.

Huh.. the whole event left me wondering alot of thing. What is life? Do we live cos of money? Our aim at life is it only Money? Can money really buy u all the stuff u want?

At the whole event, whole batch of people were talking about money $$$. Strategy and plan to earn money. The incentives they gave out, i admit was plenty, so much so that I don't think that person would have enough time left to spent.

Day in Day out, hours in hours out, I kept hearing them talking about Money..

Life shd not be solely making money. Something we could be too involved in making money that we were "blinded" by the money.

I would rather find out more about life.. or at least what is life or why are we living all about. The YEP trip has make me think about my whole life again. villgers working in the padi field whole day, 365days a year and in the end only have enough money to feed their family still find themselves happy.

The thing is not about being poor. It's about being Happy, being able to find happiness in our life. Why sacrifice ur life over money? I do not to die saying I've not accomplish alot of thing in my life. I want to do what i've interest in. Money is secondary though it is necessary.

Huh.. am I different or I've my own stand.. Nonetheless, like what Bon Jovi once sang..
It's my life..

~Something seem to be missing.. what is it..~

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