~ Recount ~

Today my bro's fish died! I realise this when I came home in evening. It's a 5 years old arowana. Plenty fortunate to live till this age. There's seemed to be something missing... remember the sound of filter used to fill the room now it's so quiet...

It remind me of one incident... actually is both... except it end up the same. It dates back when I'm Sec 3. One fine and normal day, one of my classmates did not attend class. At first we thought it was another absence case. But it did not turn out so. As we get later into the day, there were some rumor that he had pass away. At first I thought it was a wicked joke made by others. We go on the rest of the day like the original day.

I was taking a nap and was disturbed by numerous phone calls. But I carry on sleeping. I finally take the call, it was confirm, and he did not make it. For the whole day, I was blurred. I don't know what to do or what I should do.

Another incident happens in Sec4. After the recess time, I saw my friend being carried to the front of the General Office. My temporary classroom is directly opposite. I watched him being taken away into an ambulance. This was also the last time I saw him...

At home, I was sleeping and I finally take the call from my classmate. It was another one. I could not believe it. I found it too nuisance to be true, too disturbing... How could it happen again? Can it be stop? Why it happen on us? What have we done wrong..? And the next day is our O level science pract...

I could not explain this entire thing. For sometime, I have fear sleeping in the noon. I'm afraid I was to be awake by call telling another of my friend has gone. Luckily, it did not happen. It has changed me much then...

Since then, I've been wondering why is life. Why are we living in the world...? Till now I could really found out the answer. or is there really an answer... who knows...

From the incident, it has made me grown up. That's why I do thing different from other. Like I’ve always, I don't want to do say I've not done this or that thing when at the edge of dying. The day can never be the same again.

well.. only the time can heal and tell the truth..

May everyone find the meaning in their life and not one day live to reget it..

3:51 AM

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