Something Missing?

huh.. today i woke up, i felt something missing.
Wonder what is it?

Maybe is fun time with the cadets. Such a long time i've not been for camp feast.. going for NDP training and Dec at the YEP trip itself. Nevertheless, I still "manage" to do what I shd do. Haha.. though giving most problem in Foxtrot Company like the attendance which S1 shd have given me the updated nominal roll on the second day. well... Sorry to my OC,Sharifah, who has done a good job!

Also I've been slience mostly for the debriefing beside the fact I'm also tired.. hehe.. but one thing i muz carify.. I did not qurrel in front of the cadets, I only argue on the point tat if my APC was taken, who's going to take care of the cadets? Every post had its responsibility. If I'm away, what would happen to the cadets? luckily, on that day the distance of the 2 location is near, OC is around. Wonder what could have happen if the day was mostly on the move. Actually, I only aruge "enough" to express my pt of view. IT is not Quarreling!!!

well, the cadets are cute. They remind me of my cousin. haha.. Those lovely cutie boys and gals spice up my life.. at least for 2days. But good thing have to end. Well, if i have the time den i hope to see these cadets next time. Juz remember my name.. Hahaha.. ;)

5:06 PM

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