Conclusion.. Reflection For Better Tommorrow..

I dunno how to describe.. if say too directly, it may hurt ppl, if i dun say, I may get mad.. Some ppl are too childish or ignorant to think of the consequence..
Meeting u say dun want..
if got meeting u want to hurry up and wanted to go away..
Have no intitvate to find out your prob on your own..

Den near the end of the presentation, you tell me you are afriad to present on tt day. You ask me to give you more work. I give you the workscope which half of it is done by me. u ask me whether the whole workscope belongs to you. In fact most of your work is done by me or other.

You ask me whether u have done enough.. i did not reply.. den u say "actually i've done alot lor.." If you have done alot, den what the hell is the amt i've done.. step by step i've given fact, if i do it myself, it would be faster..

I can confidently tell u i've done what i haf.. dun everytime come up to me to say i nv gif u this or tat, nv tell u do this do tat.. it is not tt i nv tell u anything, go find out on ur own, if i haf given this amt of information to other, they would haf complete the job to me. Also For Goodness Sake, i'm your leader, not ur father..get tt straight! I can be a irresponible leader but i did not. U ought to be thankful. I did something which i nv done in my life.. step by step for u..not to mention this is for someone who is studying the same course and same year with me... Where's the hell is ur responability...

second person, cannot find u.. international women of mystery.. hard to find u.. during lesson, you were not there.. got HP cannot get through, u say ur hp is spoil not in use.. sometime call ur house no, u were not there be it any reason.. i know i gif u last min instruction, beside the fact i hardly find u, i hope u can understand my diffculity, especially this grp.. nv have i been so upset b4 in poly life. I know u can have done ur job; tt's why when we were rushing the prototype, i did not ask u to help me even though it may be our grp work. U juz do ur thing while we were rushing and come out with the best.. By doing this, i hope i can "pay up" whatever i've done not enough.

One thing u said make me reflect abt myself very much.. till now i kept thinking abt it.. u said " You are not decisive" Ya.. I admit I am. I've always thought i'm suppose to be the best. Goes through leadership courses... ; I've told myself many times i want to change , tired many methods juz to correct it. But what u say maybe rite, maybe i've fail..

But u can't juz walk out of the room when our grp is facing a crisis of not able to present the whole proj the nxt morning. I saw u talking ur bag and leave. At that time, i thought, you haf thousands of reason to leave, i dun expect u to stay. I know nothing can retain u anymore.. i wanted to say, I'm sorry. I'm not fit to be your leader, go find other leader and hope u can work u all the best.

I told someone my grp consist of 3.5persons instead of 5. But She said only 2 person. As much as i want to agree with her, it's also my reasonability not able to get those 3 ppl started work. But nevertheless, I wish to thank them for their accompany throughtout this sememster. It make me reflect abt me.. Hopefully this sememster project, both party can learn frm it and nxt time if we manage to do project again, we will know each other and hopfully by that day comes, we will be to work towards a better future...Good luck!

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