No use talking now..

deleted the last post due to audience request.. hahaha... It's hard being a true leader.. I can be like bahamut zero if i want to.. dun care about the well being, prob tt his member faced.. but what's good of being a leader without doing what he's suppose to do...

select case
case 1: your grp got some problematic ppl and you're the leader
you're stress!
case 2: your grp leader is a heck care type,
you're in deep shit
case 3: your grp leader is a heck care type and your grp got problemactic ppl,
you're in deeper shit..
end select

many things i've not said.. especially a grp like this.. frm the surface i'm like to be blamed for all.. but in fact, even though could haf done much better, i've try to work out. I'm so stress tat whenever i do my proj, i wonder what will happen nxt.. no use being personal at this stage.. thing dun get moving..

hope that they will still follow what i say, though they have the rights to rebel over it.. Shit don't juz go away.. you have to find a way to clear it and take care of it so tat it will not happen again in the future..

7:27 AM

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