Exam exam..

Exam is going on.. completed the second paper.. HCI.. the paper is relatively easy and this is where the problem arises.. When the paper is easy, there's bound to be moderation.. and when there 's moderation, a small margins of mark will make a huge difference.. ok la.. tolk abt something relax.. gonna tell a story

Anyway tolk abt yesterday, I'm in the exam hall, waiting for everyone to get to their seat.. Den i realise something.. a cockroach was crawling towards a girl frm Grp 11.. At that time, i'm thinking.. oh man.. what will happen if the girl scream in the middle of the exam hall.. it's going to be terrible.. but i continue watchting.. wating for it to happen..
"oh no.. nnooo.... " I said silently..
Ohhh?!! Someone(kelvin) walked pass it.. worst, he only step lower half of the body.. poor thing, the cockroach is struggling.. crawling towards to safetly.. crawl crawl.. the cockroach is telling himself, as long as i've one breathe, i will carry on.. not to mention, he still have a family to look after..

Then come the faithful moment of rememberence.. a moment of impact.. a day to remember.. a headache to our floor cleaner..


Another person(zhiwei) step over it..This time, it's complete.. The whole body was flatten..

At the end of the exam, The cockroach was totally and i mean totally disintegrate and scattered along the passage way... organ and juices spread all over..

So our dear cockroach ended its story just on our start of exam.. A tribute to our cockroach who bravely cross over the hall! First known cockroach to have tried it and first to have such horror death.. Good Luck and hope u will learn to look left, look right, look left again in ur next life.. or is there going to be one.. hehe..

6:44 AM

_________Drifted all the way...___________


Name: Tan Wei Sheng
School: NYP

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