Went to driving lesson after stopping for more than 3 months... haha.. At least still know how to drive.. It was raining the whole day.. There was pool of water everywhere.. I knew I must slow down and I did.. But not that fast..I drove over the the pool of water and the water spash to the pedestrian .. Spash~~~ "tons" of water head towards the passer-by pedestrain..

(Recall the scene again.. Spash~~ ... and again.. Spash~~! )

When i look back at the rear mirror.. she was shock with both her hand up and looking at my car..can't imagine how drain she was.. Opps.. i didn't mean to.. but the sound "Spash~~" really make me.. hahaha... very bad..

Well.. I've been through once b4.. Sorry it has to be ur turn now.. Nxt time i'll slow down.. ... ...
Hopefully.. hahahahah... Spash~~

1:49 AM

_________Drifted all the way...___________


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