A New Beginning

Haha.. today has been good for me.. first, my presentation is finally OvER!! wah.. feel so relax now.. these few days is damm to tiring, do assignment till 4 or 5am.. den still need to attend lesson in the morning. jialat.. today must get a good sleep..

6:50 AM

_________Drifted all the way...___________


Name: Tan Wei Sheng
School: NYP

[[ Friends ]]

||Ain|| Jia Hui|| Kelly||
||Shawn|| Dewi|| Lim Hong||
||Michelle|| Wan ee|| Bing Chong|| Taufiq|| Jia Xian||
|| Fenni|| ||Sharifah|| RSM||
Xian Rong|| Yi San||
||Mich|| June|| Xue Bin||
||Felicia|| IT|| Khalisah|| Ryan||


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