Sir, the coast is clear..

Finally after a few days of "aerial bombing" there's a sign that tension is relieve over the 2 gals.. Fen and Kah xian.. Yup.. There will be crashes.. It's how u handle it tat makes the difference. I remember what my DC said: whenever u form a grp, there will be forming, storming, norming and performing. Yup.. right now we're in the storming stage, after the break hopefully we can proceed to norming stage.

( ok ok.. enough of my reflection.. haha..)

I remember last sem I've a similar situation where our sem proj is going at nothing.. A lot of crashes and last min rush btw each other. Tat time I blog my angry and frustation regarding my member but did not write the names involved. So what happen, Kelly who is in my grp read it. I still remember tat time she and me are sitting in the same row. U shd see how surpise and shock she was while reading. haha.. But at the end of the day, we're still friend.

Well, I'm gald this time fen n kah jian has taken it maturely. Use this break to calm down and reflect on what's to be improve..look, there will be sunshine after rain,rite? Yup..

(damm.. do i sound very naggy??)

11:08 AM

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