Chong ar..

Recalled one of the happy day is go on ride to Farrer park with zhiwei n the gang. Thanks to zhiwei so tat we can hop onto his car n tour s'pore. Also I've finally have a taste of driving auto car.. haha.. tat car compared to my parent's is heaven and earth. One vehicle got power steering and dun haf.. imagine the amount of force needed to steer the wheel.. eerrkk...

Anyway today went wif zhiwei again to borrow car again. Huh.. he complained tat it's not powerful enough even though it may seem to be powerful. I guess he should rent an evo9 if possible. Anyway my parent vehical is going to scap this Dec. Got drive no drive no longer matters to me.. hehe..As long as you are happy.. Cheers! :)

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