Suxy.. skill again.. i think i lack on how to communicate much. And the interviewer ask the qns so diffcult and I've no idea how to reply. If they can interview wif mandrain, it shd not be hard.. well maybe.. but somehow this session has tell me that being able to talk well is important. yup.. so much so for my com skill.. haiz..

Also, I've some lame ans for yesterday.
Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
A: I see myself sitting in your chair asking other ppl this qns.

Q: What will be my route of advancement during this 5 years?
A: During the 1st year, you will be as coffee boy, serving the colleague. After 2nd year, you will be promoted, as a senior coffee boy. After 3rd year, you will be serving coffee to manager level and above. Eventually after 5years, you will be fired!

During the interviewer session, hong, shawn, ziwei and me are joking around. We make crazy comment or reply. It's fun actually.. hehe..

Left 4 wks b4 my term ends. This mean I'll have 4wks b4 I will get out of academic stage of NYP. If I were to study again, it will be in another insitution. haiz.. In fact I'm enjoying myself the most this sem. Can talk cock sing song play mahjong.

Come to think abt it, we will even enjoy life during IPP or FYPJ. It's more enjoyable. Yeah! Looking forward to it. But I want to stay with my frens. I think most of them r going to FYPJ first. I think I'll request Ms chang to put me in FYPJ first. hehe..

7:58 PM

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