Don't call me uncle!!

Do I look old to u? How come so many ppl call me uncle?! I'm just a young, small, innocent, cute young boys.. :P I know my voice sound a bit.. er.. mature.. doesn't mean old!

I met this old lady while climbing the stair when she stop me to ask for direction.
"Uncle, do you know of..."

TIAN AR!!! WHY LIKE TAT!!! The worst part is this is not the first time but alot of time liao! I just did not shave much.. look at bit rounder.. wear abit orbian.. doesn't mean I'm uncle! Look like I've to do something about it. Maybe gonna have extreme make over soon.. change my image to reserve this situation.

Next time if anyone of you saw me dun call me uncle again le hor.. or somebody gonna get a hurt real bad.. somebody.. I'm not telling who.. hehe.. :)

4:25 AM

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