Life of sick person

I think this sem, the ppl that benefit most is not those who got A or dist but those who learn how to learn. There are a few ppl which I starting to respect them. Two of them are Kelly n Shawn. Let's start with shawn. Last week, he gave my a shock. He called kelly that he's worry about his exams and he's then studying at library. What?! Shawn went library to study?! Yes, he is. But there is another lady, think frm design sch, sitting opposite him. (When I first look at the lady, I know why shawn wants to go library liao.. haha..) Anyway, He asked me what to study! Isn't it amazing? He cares for his result. Finally! Though he shd worry 2 years ago, he still not too late to reget for life.

Then another person, Kelly, her database quiz result is better than mine. Even though I still don't believe she do by her own, she at least put in her efforts to study. She is too starting to worry about her result. U look, if they want to study they can.. Unlike someone else whom only rely on their friends to complete their work and act proud infront and tell other that his work is not enough or easy. WTF! Hope he will get enlighten someday.

Oh ya.. another one who blow n blow n blow.. dunno what to say about him. Another words, talk only. And the thing is, those who just met him think he's very capable. I've recently think of one analogy. Here it goes.

During the first wk of sch when we first discuss about the proj.
Blower: "I want to do this.. that.. we will be the best grp to complete..."
Analogy: He has plan to dig his grave.

After 4 wks n going to present our PICE idea to teacher.
Blower: "We will do this.. that.. den we will be the best grp to complete..."
Analogy: He has confirmed n decided he wants to dig his grave.

During the next few wks, he did not appeared or do anything meaningful in lesson.
Analogy: He is monitoring his grave is progessing well under schedule.

After 10wks has has past which we are gonna our partly completed proj present to teacher,
Blower: "We are going to do this but we do not have the resource or... "
Analogy: He has announced to the teacher that his grave is half digged (dunno got this spelling anot)

Eventually, final presentation comes..
Blower:"We are actually doing this but.."
Analogy: His grave is completed and he's ready to move in.

Well, I can't find anyway more well to express this kind of feeling. Sad as it is.. haiz.. He still owns ppl money and show no interest in returning back. More than a year and send tons of SMS and spent hours of phone call to him but still haf money still could not get back all. Should I still call this person fren?

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