No fate with Cars

haiz.. thing has been going not that smooth. You see, my father's car is nearly 20th years old(older than me) which mean, unless renew COE, will be scrap. P Plate still cannot take out car must scrap liao..

I've passed my lisence only late april this year. Ok, that's good. wah.. I thought I can go on the road. Very confident, very shiok.. but hor, when I take my first ride on my parent's car, somebody help me.. No power steering, no ABS, handbrake so stiff, brake need press deep deep, seat so cramp, so warm and stuffy, air con like no air con like tat.. It's a nightmare! I thought my instructor's car is average standard till you drive this one. Haha.. Heaven and Earth..

However hearding my bro's advice, I don't see that bad in driving this cos in NS, he drove even worst than this. (landrover, 3tonner..) Ok.. I managed to get more used to this vehical. Then came the news. COE gonna over soon..

At first my father said is Jan nxt year. I'm happy cos at least can drive for few more months. When I looked at COE receipt, it's Dec this year! wah?! So fast ar?!

I asked my parent whether they are going for a new car, I get a firm "Noooooooo....". They said that wanted me to take merc(buses) n bus 11(walk). "If you want a car then you have to work hard hard in the future!" Future? Let me calculate.. NS 2 years, dunno got go U but add 3 years in, work for dunno how many years to save money.. that mean a total of more than 5 years! I think I need not learn driving so soon cos by that time I've forgotten how to drive liao.

Think of the bright side, can transfer my P-Plate to my bicycle(soon), at least can reuse. When the car send for scrap, I want the car plate. haha.. den frame it up and collect dust.

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