Second post for Today. Morning go IPP briefing by Ms chang. Den hor so terrible.. she brief us until like so jialat like tat.. cannot do this, cannot do that or else send back. Now I've a fear liao. I dunno muchabout Java, JSP, tomcat. Last time I touch this is year 1. Have to recall liao.. I'm pro Microsoft one. Everything use Microsoft one, office la, OS la, programming language la, database la, wireless mouse la, cat la.. everything..

We've been warned of danger of blogging for IPP. Cannot say much online, cannot say company name..

If i manage to survive first wave, second wave... eventually the whole IPP, I want a badge to be sow on my uniform, like airbone badge. Survivor of the fittest. Motto: Never say Die, novice today, professional tommorrow. Reason? can't review much.. I dun wan to be "return" even b4 the IPP start. hehe.. If I manage survive and I say if, I will be Incredible .

Ya.. lame post.. very cold.. wear sweather..

ok.. go sleep..

I willa survive..

9:01 AM

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