2nd Post - Mad!!

I drove today and stopped at the red light. I want to turn left but there was pedestrain crossing the road so I slowly move off my car. Suddenly the car behind horn and high beam. At that time I really cured and swear at the guy. I pointed my finger out of the window but was hinder by the window. I was really MAD and scolding all the vulgarity I know of. Never was I so mad before. (cb... What you expect me to do? Ran over the predestrain? or moved close the line? How you pass your TP?.. cb.. knn.. f*** driver of SDP788[something]..) If I see you I don't know what I will be doing next. Even after half an hour I still feel angry.

During that period, my mother keep calming me down. She kept saying I don't have tolerance. After I claim down, I realise how close I am in getting trouble. Also I found out more about myself. When I go mad, I lost human sense; I can't control myself. I should get a hold of myself. I guess my mother is correct, I have a weakness to overcome.

Should I thank that driver or should I curse that driver?

6:48 AM

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