4 days has pass liao
We have been assigned.. stored.. procedure.. STORE PROCEDURE...
ok la.. we got learned in poly but hor here very different. This is the first time I know stored procedure can have 5 or more SELECT statements in one SELECT, outer or inner join..Wo de ma ar.. -_-"" Normally in sch got 2 select statements consider very difficult liao.. now got so much.. haiz.. This one stored procedure we have been doing for i think going to be 3 days. Somemore computer so slow even worst.. haiz haiz..
My desk is more like my pig sty. I put whatever thing I can find from my home and bring to my desk. It's getting mroe and more packed as the day pass.. Muhaha.. Sit beside me is xuebin(giggle queen named by june)Sit infront of me is june and michelle(daiqui Queen)(whatever the spellig)
I found I'm getting more rounder le. So jialat.. Whole day eat, sit n eat again. No wonder that putting on weight. Must think of something or else die.
Attachment is so sian. When u started work, u look forward to lunch. After lunch you look forward to go home. Go back makan n sleep. Next day do the same thing again. Haiz.. U look forward to weekend. Then monday get monday blue.. haiz..

2:05 AM

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