Today I do some exploration on my own at Yishun. I have been living here since I was born. But there some places which I have never step into before. So I decided to explore these places on my new bike. Hah.. called myself a kampong boy.

1st Places: The entry oppsite Blk 810. Below is a map of Blk 810 by Can.com.sg

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For years I kept wondering where does this road goes to? Why must it have a gate installed? All these curiousness make me want to go and take a look. Maybe I will make some discovery over there, like what CNA Asia's Best Kept Secrets does. Unforuntately, the gate is locked when I reached there. What a luck!

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Opening hours..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Oh ya.. my new bicycle. Nice looking ar.. :)

Unable to get into the area, I toured around the park and found a very important person. He is LimNee Soon. Sound familiar? After I read the article about him, I know he had contributed much to Singapore in the early days. No wonder he has a few town named after him. Also if you lives in Yishun, you should have heard of chong pang. Yup, chong pang is another person. He is the son of Nee Soon.

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Statue of Lim Nee Soon

After visiting the park, I decided to visit another park, Lower Seletar park. It is situated next to Lendor Ave. It has a jetty which you can used to fish. Who know you can fished something nice in reservoir over there.

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Fishing Jetty. A nice and cosy place for couple to pai tau at night. Wee u Wee..

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Bridge?! No problem! Advance and Overcome!

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Seletar Satellite Station(Classifield?)

Soon, I press on to next destination. Along the Lentor Ave, there will be one left turn into some area. Hardly you can see people or car travelling there. So I decided to check it out.

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This is the left turn. It say you must be less than 3.6m to go through. I guess I fit that condition.
Nice shot too. Background is a passby train.

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Halt! Advance to be recongise..

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Peaceful and quiet road stretches to.. er.. a far far away places..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Another train passby..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Got a tiny cut by the protruding branch while riding.

Well found out the road led to Seletar Satellite Station(pic as above) Then I ride to my attachment company. The pavement along Lentor Ave is narrow and uneven. The worst is some part of the pavement do not have barrier at the side of the road which mean you have no protection if vehicial is coming towards you. Despite that, you can reach the company safely if you ride carefully in around 40mintues. Imagine the amount of money saved during the whole attachment! But if I would be doing that, I will breath in alot of polluated air during the journy. Futhurmore I don't think my company got place to park my bicycle. They charged fee for parking. Have to think weight the pro and con.

Overall, I enjoy the trip today. When you have plenty of time to spend can consider trying this. Planning and access the "unexplored" area is quite an unique experience. Yeah! :)

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