I called up this friend last fri.

Me: How's your at..(interrupt)

ZW: You know ar.. my friend ask me to ferry them go Geylang ar. Then they ask me to choose one girl ar. He told me he likes this girl ver much but this is the first time i go so they let me choose her lei. But hor I don't want lei. They keep asking me to take this girl but hor i don't lei.. .. .. Now ar, I reget lei.. ... ... think of it now I reget lei.. ... ..

ME: hmm?! orh..

ZW: now ar i wait in the car for them lei.. feel reget lei but when I made up my mind I won't change de lei.. ... ...

Fifteen minutes has pass..

ZW: .. $40 half an hour. We go into the house one lei. Then they will put condom for u one.. .. ..

Me: wow.. orh.. continue..

The whole conversation I only know one thing. He regets it. haha.. He keeps telling me he regets it. I suan him by telling him reget ar. He tell me the girls from these country la nice one, nature one then another country fake fake one.. He seems experience. haha.. Ok la, he's just influnce by his friend la. He's not that bad after all.. sometimes maybe.. Anyway he talk n talk until his friend return. then he wants to cut the phone. haha.. what to do..

Note: conversation has been edited so as not to make it xxx. :)

1:13 AM

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