Still very alive.. much..

wah.. second day for IPP..

So sian.. do nothing.. maybe beause we've just getting started..

The working enviroment is very comfortable, very cold.. very conducive.. We're located in one room all by ourselves(hurrrreeyy.. alot of privary!) Still can remember how much "house cleaning" we have done yesterday. We stepped into the room. wow.. so messy, dust everywhere, litter everywhere, spiderweb too(joking la.. ya.. very cold..) Then all of us "transformed" the whole room into what we call "our" room. Haha.. should have taken a before and after photo.

Today all of us brought something to office especially xuebin and I. Tell you what we bring, 2 rabbit dolls, 1 pig doll, 1 dunno what is it called but placed on top of my monitor, mugs, container fills with biscuits and coffee, fruitella sweets, coffee and cerel drinks.. This is day 2 only hor.. Michelle suggest bringing plants.. huh.. ok.. let me search first.. fake one or real one also can hor.. (lu bian de hua er, ni bu yao cai.. ya.. very cold again)Our office's view is nice, but face to the west so whenever the sun set, there will be reflection from our monitor.

Talk about the PC, vomit blood. U know the first day, we shift and transfer PC all around. I settled down with one PC. ok.. it's slow.. Internet also slow.. everything also slow.. except for tea break and lunch. I try another also very slow. Guess what, first PC is 500Mhz, second one is 733Mhz.. Wow.. all do not exceed 1Ghz. Then june and michelle's com is 2.87Ghz(ard there). Sob Sob.. But u know gentlemen have to let ladies first.. haha..

I can open the window. If at anytime, I'm frustrated in programming and computer hang ar, I can throw the PC down anytime(violent..!) Haha.. anyway have to deal with it. Really admire the previous batch of student working in these PC.

ok la.. go sleep and I've to wake up early tmr. zzZZ..

8:43 AM

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