Today I cooked carrot cake for my family. The carrrot cake is prepared by my mother the previous night. She knows how to cook alot of dishes.(now you know how I got this size.. haha..) I prepared garlie, oinion springe...

I prepare dishes for my brother and sister first. I added a few prawns. After she nearly complete her dishes, she walked up to me, bang her plate onto the table then scold.

sis: "You dunno I cannot eat prawn meh. you are so selfish, always think of yourself... Now, I felt itch all over already la..."
(while taking away my carrot cake I've prepared for myself. I wanna slim down so I did not add prawn. I do not know she dislikes prawn. )

sis:"You better finish that!" (pointing to her plate of carrot cake with prawn)

She is making a fuss out of it, walking out of the kitchen. A few moment later, she returned.

Sis: "You dunno I cannot eat prawn meh..?!"

From what I can recalled, you ate most of the crab last time. Ya, it's my fault that I don't know what you cannot eat.(not to mention you never request me not to add prawn) It's my fault to prepare the ingrediants while you are reading newspaper, waiting for your bf sms. I'm selfish that I cooked your meal before mine. I'm sorry we cannot serve you what you want us to serve you. We are always at fault. If anything you don't like, please shout n scold at us within four walls. Don't scream near the window and said thing we are afraid to hear like "zhong nan qing nu", all the good thing goes to the male(my brother and I). We get alot of things for we shared a room smaller than your one, you got 2 fans while we shared one, you got a new piano, you got a new computer when you enter poly, my one is bought by my own money. Yes, the male get alot of thing, you are the least privilges one.

I've done what I can. I have enough! I am not born to be a servant. It's time I find me myself back. When people said how they don't have this, don't have that, always treat other people good, I get frighten. Oh ya, before you want to shout and scream again, ask what you have done first.

Hope you will get enlighten someday!
Good Luck! We will never give up on you!

8:56 PM

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