Today I washed HDB flats. Ya.. it is those HDB unit which have not been sold and left untouch for years. I got this lobang from my uncle. Together with my cousin and their friend, we went for this work.

I never know what is called dirty or filthy till I stepped into the unit. Oh my god.. No wonder they need people to clean. The dust is what I called layers of layers. One sweep on the ground u can see the thick layers of dust. You will know that the floor is white and not the grey that you see. If you lay on the floor and wipe ur arm and leg, you will find an Angel imprint on the floor like what the people did in winter(Do or dare.. go try it.. )

I have taken a few shots in the flat.

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This is one of the many cockroaches being swept down the bin by me
Got live and not so live one.

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Guess what is it? Bird Nest! Not the one you eat.
Imagine the house is left for how long never use, so much so that the bird has time to build a big nest and hatched the egg. I hope can find egg(golden one better) then can be my tommorrow breakfast(Joking la.. ya very cold..) But never find any, only nest.
It takes me years to clear it.
... *yawn ...

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This is one of the feather laying beside the nest. Evidence that it is a bird nest.
Wonder if the feather can be used as a writing instrument like the movie or not.

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See the layers and layers of dust?!
Ya.. this pic show my shoes print. (den can dig out and sell online like what the star do.. haha..) ya.. i know super cold liao..

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Another pic to show the amount of dust deposit there.

Overall, it's very tedious and hectic to clean every inches of the floor. But after you clean the room, you will feel a sense of fulfillment. Imagine that unit is only for a few years so dirty, my room is even more longer also not as dirty as this. I realise how hard my mother put in effort everyday to clean and wash. hehe.. Now if I see anything which have abit of dust, I feel like cleaning and wiping it till sparkling clean. Abit overboard..?

I have found you? WHERE AER YOU?! Hard to find?!

5:21 AM

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