Yesterday i saw an accident at yishun ring road while walking back to school. Two taxi kisses (collided with) each other. An ambulance was at the scene when I’ve arrived. This time fortunately, I don't think anyone is seriously injured.

This is the second time this road had accident for 2 consecutive weeks. First accident, one old lady was knocked down by a taxi. That time I noticed a crowd of people gathering beside the road. I know something was wrong then I realized that someone was hit.

What came to my mind is if next time there is a situation like this, am I able to provide first aid or be too shocked to do anything. If I were shocked, what good is I attended the standard first aid? If I were to attend to the victim, will I relieve her pain or will I cause more injuries. Mixed feeling ba... hard to say. Must wait till the situation happen then you will know.

Anyway we had a discussion regarding first aid today at my workplace. It’s interesting to heard June’s experience on her CCA. Mich and XB also talk about their band. Haha… during the conversation I suddenly have some ideas on how to make thing interesting for my cadets.. hahaha.. hehehe… but hor.. hahaha.. ohohoh.. anyway, that’s out of the topic.. keke..

8:30 AM

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