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A few weeks ago, I went to Sims Ave with my parent to eat some tradition Hakka Food. It is own by one old uncle and aunty and is located at the side of the coffee stall. The stall name is Hakka Lei Cha Fan (客家擂茶饭).

Sound Chim.. what is that dish? When I tell you what the ingredients, you will be surprised. The most important ingredient is vegetables and more vegetable. It has bean and some other vegetables that I have not seen before. It is considered a vegetarian food if you take away the ikan bekli. The uncle will put the chop vegetables on top of the bowl of rice. So the top of will be filled with different kinds of vegetables. Then you have to mix around with the rice before you start eating. The taste is vegetable. Ok.. at least it’s a combined taste of different vegetable. Quite yummy! The ikan bekli and fried peanuts added crunch to it. It is a healthy food.

What makes this food special I think is its soup. It taste somehow a bit sour and the overwhelming smell will freak you out. From what I understand, the soup is made of some kind of vegetable. The uncle will pour one third of soup into the bowl and dilute with hot water. Imagine how thick the soup is. You need some practice to complete the soup. It is just like smelly bean curd, if you think it’s nice then you are prepared for this it.

Overall, it is a delicious and nutritious food. You should try it someday when you are free. In fact, it is listed in Singapore’s 50 Disappearing Food. They have a website.

Hope you enjoy!

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