My Family has one characteristic which is BIG. Everything must be BIG, HUGE, GAGENTIC! Yup.. you will not believe till you see it yourself. Let me take a few example, the newly installed telephone. What’s so special about that? It’s not cordless nor any video conference phone. So what’s so BIG about this phone? The answer is its button. You can take a look at the picture below and you will understand. If you cannot see the picture clearly, at the top left hand side is 20 cent coin. The button is 2 times bigger than the coin! Guarantee from far you can see the button; it just can’t get any more bigger right. Haha..

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Singapore's population is ageing. I think this type of phone should be common in the near future. I guess my family has started preparing for it. :)

Another example..

Do you ever see people buying 20 century eggs at one go? Normally we only bought the most 6 in a packet at supermarket. I have no idea where my father got this lobang. But after he bought the century egg, I think I fall in love with in them. Combine them with sliced ginger, you will get yourself a splendid, yummy taste of food. Well, it's true so much so that I even bought the porridge with century egg at Yishun Central. Yum Yum.. You should try it sometime..

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Not to mention that we used to buy 50kg of rice sometimes. Imagine that only 5 of us, we can comsume 50Kg of rice in... 3 months? Then another 50kg pack. Now you see how I got my size. Oh ya.. my flat do not have lift. The worst part is we stay on top level. Ya..

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