I've calculated my BMI recently. I'm 80.4 Kg now(Wah pian...!) and in order to reach acceptable weight, I must lose 10.9kg to 69.5Kg.. @#$%&.. or else, I will not be able to upgrade my Pes to B. As of now, I will need to enlist a few weeks earlier... :(

How can right.. I've been trying for years but weight still increase. Then in 7 months must lose 10Kg b4 I enlist. Aiyo.. anyway nothing is impossible.. Muhaha.. you never know when the next time u meet me, you will not recongise me. Hehe.. ok la.. enough of talking shit.. better go back to excerise more.. haha..

10:19 PM

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Name: Tan Wei Sheng
School: NYP

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