Today happened 2 things. First Xb, June and Mich was talking about xiaxue's trip in Thailand. They were talking about some Thailand Show. I heard "Tiger Show".

Xb: .. above 21 years old then can enter...

Me:(thinking) huh.. need 21 years old then can enter? Is it they afraid that the Tiger goes crazy then attack the trainer? Set the age limit so that the kid would not be able to watch the horror scence if it occur.

I thought at that time it sound logic. Then as June they all carry on the conversation, I found it more and more unrelated. Finally, I surf XiaXue's blog. I realised I've commited a "Da Wu Long". It's not called "Tiger Show" but is "Thai Girl Show".

WT.. -_-"

Aiyo.. no wonder age limit is 21 years old!

Later that day, outside the office was pouring rain like no other people business. I was late for off work and Mich they all waits for me. When we reach the meeting point, we saw our company bus went off. If we decided to walk instead, we will be "lou tang chi".

So we decidecd to hail a cab. THe driver did not place "Hired" and we all just happyily enter the cab. Then the uncle ask "are you ms .."

We: huh.. ?

Taxi: Anyone of you called ms ..

(We boarded the wrong cab. The most embrassing part is beside the taxi are plenty of staffs around. We can't feel there is a hole beside and dug into it. How embrassing.. haha.. All because of my fault.. lol.. )

We: ... @$%&*...

So I decided to buy a potato chip for them the next day. However, before they have a chance to eat, I've eaten half. Xb and June consumed the rest. Mich is left with nothing.. will she notice the chip is gone? I think after reading this blog she will realise.. haha..

1:32 AM

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