Five days have pass since I went back for FYPJ. I met alot of people from tall guy[zhiwei] to even taller guy[mingwie n lim hong](Twin tower) to round guy[me] to even more rounder[cihao] to a.. erm.. flat? [jx](To protect her identify)...

Finally met all people who I've not seen for 3 months. Shawn coloured his hair, mingwie grow his hair, Hong zhng his hair, I removed my armpit hair(joking la.. ya.. very cold)

First week nothing to do, can walk here walk there do nothing. Also there is no mood to do as Chirstmas is near. Also just got a lecture by my sup for not going to sch as I've not feeling well. haiz.. so suay.. Just hope that next wk will be better..

Oh ya.. I've played O2 Jam recently till I got dizzy.. blur blur.. However, I am able to dress up my character. He will not be naked anymore. Muhaha..

12:30 AM

_________Drifted all the way...___________


Name: Tan Wei Sheng
School: NYP

[[ Friends ]]

||Ain|| Jia Hui|| Kelly||
||Shawn|| Dewi|| Lim Hong||
||Michelle|| Wan ee|| Bing Chong|| Taufiq|| Jia Xian||
|| Fenni|| ||Sharifah|| RSM||
Xian Rong|| Yi San||
||Mich|| June|| Xue Bin||
||Felicia|| IT|| Khalisah|| Ryan||


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