Haiz.. Chirstmas come so fast and gone so fast.. Today is the last day of the holiday.(What I want most!!) This year chirstmas is a great havest. I've received a tissue holder(exchange gift, got from Fel's bf terence, placed in my father parent car liao), toiletry set from my ex tution teacher(first time seeing this thing) and a card from Fenni(peiseh could not send card in time)

Spent yesterday celebrating with my cousins and nephews. Have a fun time playing with them, talking cock with them. The best part is the food! Unfortunately, I've caught a Fever and sorethroat which made have to adsent from alot of gurmet(@#$%&*)

Suppose to be in Sentosa today, haiz.. too bad I've not recover from my illness and could not be with my NCC friends. The worst part is I've gotten the present(you look at my size you should know what I've bought, Expensive one lei..) but then Look like I've to eat myself.

Tommorrow will be going back for FYPJ. Only the FYPJ guys will be in school cos all other student will be having their Break. Why not us??(Gerkk..) So I will be lonely, Mr Lonely..
Anyway better to go back school, doing nothing at home also.

3:54 AM

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