With Fireworks being sparkled around the sky, it mark the end of Year 2005. It has been an eventful year in 2005. Much thing has happened and some left us with memories that will never fade away. But no matter what, we have to carry on with our life. With a New year coming there will be new hope. Wish everybody will be get their wish comes true and good health to everyone!

It has been 2 years since our last meeting. How time flies. I have learn alot during this 2 years, learning new thing everyday. Even though it may seem to be an end, I still feel that there is a something which is yet to be clarify. Till get this thing striaght, I will keep spinning around in the cycle, keep wondering thinking it will be true. Certain memory can't be erase. It feel like it happen just happen yesterday. Nevertheless, you know it will not repeat again. Sometime it feel like foolish thing to do but yet you still do it. I don't know why. You have gone so far away and I am still at the starting point in doubt. No matter what, take care of yourself and Best Wishes.

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_________Drifted all the way...___________


Name: Tan Wei Sheng
School: NYP

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||Ain|| Jia Hui|| Kelly||
||Shawn|| Dewi|| Lim Hong||
||Michelle|| Wan ee|| Bing Chong|| Taufiq|| Jia Xian||
|| Fenni|| ||Sharifah|| RSM||
Xian Rong|| Yi San||
||Mich|| June|| Xue Bin||
||Felicia|| IT|| Khalisah|| Ryan||


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