Thing has to happen..

It's a miserable day for me knowing what your fren, or should I call them fren, did to you. When I meet my classmate to pass them a disc, I saw my fellow platoon mates which we have went through for 6years, coming up the escalator. They did see me cos I saw them see me but they pretend they did not see me and with their look on their face, they turn away.

I was wondering what was with their uniform until I found out that they went shooting laser simulator with my cadets. No one told me anything. I was deliberately left in the dark. One cadet asked me why I didn’t go; I never answer him, I don’t know how.

All my platoon mates were went through training with me since Sec1. One of them was even one of my better friends. All of them did not inform me about the event. Even the cadet who was supposed to update me of any event did not pass me any info; they want to leave me out…

This is not the first example. There were many others more. I had conflict with them. But I do that for a reason. Maybe some actions were wrong… Nevertheless, I still regard them as a friend. I know we can’t communicate, I’ve purposely find some topics just to strike a conversation between them.

Come to think of it, I felt so miserable actually knowing my friends did this to me! It is like a spear sticking right through your heart. So pain, I felt like I could not breathe. Why it become like this? Am I so piss off? I've enough problem of my own which have not been solved, this is making it worst!

Maybe someone can give me the answer…

Trying to finding search the light of life…

8:22 AM

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