Growing Older..

I have always thought that one getting older would mean getting more understanding. But that's not true for some cases. I felt that my sis is even more "childisher" than me. She is 2years older than me.
My sis always complain "zhong nan qiang nu(female)" that mean male being more important than female (meaning shd be like this). Whenever she quarrels, she will use this. Well, can u tell me what else does u want?
You have a own room since young. I've to share with my brother. You have a new piano, which costs more than 3K. My parent pays your computer while I have to work during holiday so that I have enough money to get this one. You have 2 wardrobes that hold ur clothes. One is being thrown away because u complain that it contain ants. My parent's concern has been devoted to you since young. They are always there when u needed help. If you want proof, ask urself, who buy u breakfast, who take care of you??

You look.. all the materialistic u have, all the care and concern you have. What else you can complain?

You quarreled that you did not go overseas where I went for Youth Expedition Project in Thailand. You making a fuss because you see me going overseas and you want to go Hong Kong. You think I fucking having tour over there ar. I go there to build pig sty, live in rural village that is out of contact with the world. You lei.. U go HK for what? You quarrel a few days. Ok, your wish is granted, you go for tour in Hong Kong to your BF's grandma house. Because you are alone, my mother takes leave and accompanies you. When you down there, who pay for you shopping?? You still dare say "zhong nan qiang nu".

Ok.. Nvm.. after u return, you break with ur BF. who is there for u? Who are the one who take care of you? Who comfort u when u're down? Do you know we have been even more concerning about you during that period. What else you want? You quarrel every now and then, and evertime u quarrel, u will say "zhong nan qiang nu", shout and scream.. oh ya.. everytime u scream u are always near the window.. screaming "zhong nan qiang nu". When i recall back, haha.. I gave a laugh..

These are a FEW of those thing u do. Nvm those how u have been telling the cousin how YOU think we've treating you. We have been "questioned" by our cousin for mistreating you. I guess this is what you dun know..

I'm getting SICK and TIRED in writing further. If you still have some conscious, please reflect upon your action. Please please.. we're a family, Not your punching bag. I've been tormented by you and your action for a long time. Sometime I think home is a unhappy place. Please have some human sense before you pick up another quarrel. Please grow up and be enlightened. That's some of the thing I wanna say.

haiz.. after expressing what I want to said. Yup... I am feeling better. Or else I think life is a miserly. Ok.. I think for those of you that read till here will be bored.. haha.. Ok.. Take care!

12:53 AM

Sir, the coast is clear..

Finally after a few days of "aerial bombing" there's a sign that tension is relieve over the 2 gals.. Fen and Kah xian.. Yup.. There will be crashes.. It's how u handle it tat makes the difference. I remember what my DC said: whenever u form a grp, there will be forming, storming, norming and performing. Yup.. right now we're in the storming stage, after the break hopefully we can proceed to norming stage.

( ok ok.. enough of my reflection.. haha..)

I remember last sem I've a similar situation where our sem proj is going at nothing.. A lot of crashes and last min rush btw each other. Tat time I blog my angry and frustation regarding my member but did not write the names involved. So what happen, Kelly who is in my grp read it. I still remember tat time she and me are sitting in the same row. U shd see how surpise and shock she was while reading. haha.. But at the end of the day, we're still friend.

Well, I'm gald this time fen n kah jian has taken it maturely. Use this break to calm down and reflect on what's to be improve..look, there will be sunshine after rain,rite? Yup..

(damm.. do i sound very naggy??)

11:08 AM

A New Beginning

Haha.. today has been good for me.. first, my presentation is finally OvER!! wah.. feel so relax now.. these few days is damm to tiring, do assignment till 4 or 5am.. den still need to attend lesson in the morning. jialat.. today must get a good sleep..

6:50 AM

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