temporally out of job

bad timing.. I'm so happy that my ex- supervisor called me for work. The workplace has a vacancy. I'm quite delighted to go back after more than 2 years. But today diseaster struck, the company only offered 2 months contact which required u to work Immediately for 6 days per week. I don't mind except this period is my exam. If I work 6 days out of 7 days per week, most properly I can work for another 6 more months(repeat). Haiz.. but look to the bright side, since I've wait for 2 years, what is more waiting for another few more months.

Whole of today I'm busy with orienteering. However, I make a few mistakes. Being the most senior person there, making such mistake is very "xian shuai"(embrassing). I forgot to mark out the check point on the map! Lucky only dispatch 2 cadets. The incident only relieve when first cadet return to ask for check point. But strangely the second cadet did not notice anything wrong and actually took sometime for spec to find him - How he find the check point when it is not even marked on the map. My guess is he run around bindly the whole park. (poor thing.. ps.. ) This event, we invited sharifah. She is a quite cute and compact(short), it actually cause a stir among the cadets. I guess they are deprive of such thing in our uniform group. Come to think about it, quite true I also agree. Hehe.. :P

After thatI make a very big "Wu Long". I leave my car keys inside the car at sembawang park! I thought I would take a scroll near the beach and decide to leave my bag inside. I take out a key and after my scrolling, I found out I've taken a wrong Key. Why in the world this has to happen to me??? So what did I do, I walked 45 mins to my father's workplace, sembawang shipyard and another 30+ mins back to the park... ... ... But look to the bright side, keep fit! :)

Early this afternoon in school , I've been said to have a breast?! And it's bigger than jiaxian's one(not her real name to protect her idenity.. hehe..). She is telling her fren my one is more shaper. Jiaxian said she has B cup and it makes me to have at least a C, except my one can move up and down only. Dun worry la, as hong said surgery is getting cheaper, go try try. Maybe the result will be wonder. Haha.. :-P

6:34 AM


received birthday reminder in hotmail and i decided to send card to the birthday boy. So i went to yahoo, select naughty and click the one animated card. Then it goes..

"Aarr.. arr... yes... yes..." <= You know la(That faithful stormy night..)

Wtf.. my speaker is on and my parent outside watching TV. Lucky I smart, i ask them to take a look.. and they did not find it offender. Phew.. lucky me..

6:12 AM


Haiz..com skill again.. i think i lack on how to communicate much. And the interviewer ask the qns so diffcult and I've no idea how to reply. If they can interview wif mandrain, it shd not be hard.. well maybe.. but somehow this session has tell me that being able to talk well is important. yup.. so much so for my com skill.. haiz..

Also, I've some lame ans for yesterday.
Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
A: I see myself sitting in your chair asking other ppl this qns.

Q: What will be my route of advancement during this 5 years?
A: During the 1st year, you will be as coffee boy, serving the colleague. After 2nd year, you will be promoted, as a senior coffee boy. After 3rd year, you will be serving coffee to manager level and above. Eventually after 5years, you will be fired!

During the interviewer session, hong, shawn, ziwei and me are joking around. We make crazy comment or reply. It's fun actually.. hehe..

Left 4 wks b4 my term ends. This mean I'll have 4wks b4 I will get out of academic stage of NYP. If I were to study again, it will be in another insitution. haiz.. In fact I'm enjoying myself the most this sem. Can talk cock sing song play mahjong.

Come to think abt it, we will even enjoy life during IPP or FYPJ. It's more enjoyable. Yeah! Looking forward to it. But I want to stay with my frens. I think most of them r going to FYPJ first. I think I'll request Ms chang to put me in FYPJ first. hehe..

7:58 PM

Chong ar..

Recalled one of the happy day is go on ride to Farrer park with zhiwei n the gang. Thanks to zhiwei so tat we can hop onto his car n tour s'pore. Also I've finally have a taste of driving auto car.. haha.. tat car compared to my parent's is heaven and earth. One vehicle got power steering and dun haf.. imagine the amount of force needed to steer the wheel.. eerrkk...

Anyway today went wif zhiwei again to borrow car again. Huh.. he complained tat it's not powerful enough even though it may seem to be powerful. I guess he should rent an evo9 if possible. Anyway my parent vehical is going to scap this Dec. Got drive no drive no longer matters to me.. hehe..As long as you are happy.. Cheers! :)

5:08 AM

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