Second post for Today. Morning go IPP briefing by Ms chang. Den hor so terrible.. she brief us until like so jialat like tat.. cannot do this, cannot do that or else send back. Now I've a fear liao. I dunno muchabout Java, JSP, tomcat. Last time I touch this is year 1. Have to recall liao.. I'm pro Microsoft one. Everything use Microsoft one, office la, OS la, programming language la, database la, wireless mouse la, cat la.. everything..

We've been warned of danger of blogging for IPP. Cannot say much online, cannot say company name..

If i manage to survive first wave, second wave... eventually the whole IPP, I want a badge to be sow on my uniform, like airbone badge. Survivor of the fittest. Motto: Never say Die, novice today, professional tommorrow. Reason? can't review much.. I dun wan to be "return" even b4 the IPP start. hehe.. If I manage survive and I say if, I will be Incredible .

Ya.. lame post.. very cold.. wear sweather..

ok.. go sleep..

I willa survive..

9:01 AM

To be a better man..

Today I finally know more about this person. When I first met him, he seem like a cool guy to me, seldom talk, very cool.. At first I thought he is hard to get along with den as the days goes by, u get to know more about this cool guy. At first think he is terminator VI, like machine control, no feeling like that(joking ar..)

Just recently, I found him to be a sentimental person, after talking to him in the library last time, after reading his blog.. Suddendly this "terminator" changes to.. (er.. got any word to suggest anot? My eng not tat gd.. but u know the meaning la) to.. (whatever la.. know the word can msg me "-_-) Out of nowhere, I knew more and felt closer to this guy. (not gao gay ar..)


I think I can feel his pain, his augiush, his emotion.. You feel like shouting out to the whole world and nobody is listening to you. Life seem meaningless to you. All you want is to have that simple request and yet, you are rejected. How come this has to happen to you? Why can't we cannot be like others? What can I do to know you more? And no matter how hard you try, that person still leave you..

And you cry in middle of rain.. till you have shed every single drop of tear.. neglect every moment in your life.. the whole world seem to have collapsed on you. life is so tough to shallow... You wish life sould not be like this.. You don't want and you hope not..

She leaves you behind this lonely road.. walking forward without even looking back at you.. leaving you in this ditch(whatever).. You are left alone, nobody is beside you. You feel helpless. She has left out of sight and you reached this cross junction.

Suddenly, you realised you are a fool. Am I going to wake up or pretend this(she tell me she like me no more) doesn't happen. You stand in the middle of this cross junction. You lifted your head up, no one is aound. You are alone. Which way should I go? If I wake up, she will be gone. If I pretend this has not happen, she will be with me.. even though you know it is only a dream. So which one should I choose...? But no matter which way I choose, I want to let you know that you will always be in my heart. Never shall I leaves this world without any reget that I've made. No words seem too much for me on you. No matter where you go, I'll be always be here for you that we have spent such a wonderful and lovely time together. I always wish you the best.. always..

very touching is it hor.. also my english not that good.. Also, dun tell you who is the "nu zhu jiao"..

7:11 AM

No fate with Cars

haiz.. thing has been going not that smooth. You see, my father's car is nearly 20th years old(older than me) which mean, unless renew COE, will be scrap. P Plate still cannot take out car must scrap liao..

I've passed my lisence only late april this year. Ok, that's good. wah.. I thought I can go on the road. Very confident, very shiok.. but hor, when I take my first ride on my parent's car, somebody help me.. No power steering, no ABS, handbrake so stiff, brake need press deep deep, seat so cramp, so warm and stuffy, air con like no air con like tat.. It's a nightmare! I thought my instructor's car is average standard till you drive this one. Haha.. Heaven and Earth..

However hearding my bro's advice, I don't see that bad in driving this cos in NS, he drove even worst than this. (landrover, 3tonner..) Ok.. I managed to get more used to this vehical. Then came the news. COE gonna over soon..

At first my father said is Jan nxt year. I'm happy cos at least can drive for few more months. When I looked at COE receipt, it's Dec this year! wah?! So fast ar?!

I asked my parent whether they are going for a new car, I get a firm "Noooooooo....". They said that wanted me to take merc(buses) n bus 11(walk). "If you want a car then you have to work hard hard in the future!" Future? Let me calculate.. NS 2 years, dunno got go U but add 3 years in, work for dunno how many years to save money.. that mean a total of more than 5 years! I think I need not learn driving so soon cos by that time I've forgotten how to drive liao.

Think of the bright side, can transfer my P-Plate to my bicycle(soon), at least can reuse. When the car send for scrap, I want the car plate. haha.. den frame it up and collect dust.

10:59 PM

Don't call me uncle!!

Do I look old to u? How come so many ppl call me uncle?! I'm just a young, small, innocent, cute young boys.. :P I know my voice sound a bit.. er.. mature.. doesn't mean old!

I met this old lady while climbing the stair when she stop me to ask for direction.
"Uncle, do you know of..."

TIAN AR!!! WHY LIKE TAT!!! The worst part is this is not the first time but alot of time liao! I just did not shave much.. look at bit rounder.. wear abit orbian.. doesn't mean I'm uncle! Look like I've to do something about it. Maybe gonna have extreme make over soon.. change my image to reserve this situation.

Next time if anyone of you saw me dun call me uncle again le hor.. or somebody gonna get a hurt real bad.. somebody.. I'm not telling who.. hehe.. :)

4:25 AM

Life of sick person

I think this sem, the ppl that benefit most is not those who got A or dist but those who learn how to learn. There are a few ppl which I starting to respect them. Two of them are Kelly n Shawn. Let's start with shawn. Last week, he gave my a shock. He called kelly that he's worry about his exams and he's then studying at library. What?! Shawn went library to study?! Yes, he is. But there is another lady, think frm design sch, sitting opposite him. (When I first look at the lady, I know why shawn wants to go library liao.. haha..) Anyway, He asked me what to study! Isn't it amazing? He cares for his result. Finally! Though he shd worry 2 years ago, he still not too late to reget for life.

Then another person, Kelly, her database quiz result is better than mine. Even though I still don't believe she do by her own, she at least put in her efforts to study. She is too starting to worry about her result. U look, if they want to study they can.. Unlike someone else whom only rely on their friends to complete their work and act proud infront and tell other that his work is not enough or easy. WTF! Hope he will get enlighten someday.

Oh ya.. another one who blow n blow n blow.. dunno what to say about him. Another words, talk only. And the thing is, those who just met him think he's very capable. I've recently think of one analogy. Here it goes.

During the first wk of sch when we first discuss about the proj.
Blower: "I want to do this.. that.. we will be the best grp to complete..."
Analogy: He has plan to dig his grave.

After 4 wks n going to present our PICE idea to teacher.
Blower: "We will do this.. that.. den we will be the best grp to complete..."
Analogy: He has confirmed n decided he wants to dig his grave.

During the next few wks, he did not appeared or do anything meaningful in lesson.
Analogy: He is monitoring his grave is progessing well under schedule.

After 10wks has has past which we are gonna our partly completed proj present to teacher,
Blower: "We are going to do this but we do not have the resource or... "
Analogy: He has announced to the teacher that his grave is half digged (dunno got this spelling anot)

Eventually, final presentation comes..
Blower:"We are actually doing this but.."
Analogy: His grave is completed and he's ready to move in.

Well, I can't find anyway more well to express this kind of feeling. Sad as it is.. haiz.. He still owns ppl money and show no interest in returning back. More than a year and send tons of SMS and spent hours of phone call to him but still haf money still could not get back all. Should I still call this person fren?

4:41 AM

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