Today I do some exploration on my own at Yishun. I have been living here since I was born. But there some places which I have never step into before. So I decided to explore these places on my new bike. Hah.. called myself a kampong boy.

1st Places: The entry oppsite Blk 810. Below is a map of Blk 810 by Can.com.sg

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

For years I kept wondering where does this road goes to? Why must it have a gate installed? All these curiousness make me want to go and take a look. Maybe I will make some discovery over there, like what CNA Asia's Best Kept Secrets does. Unforuntately, the gate is locked when I reached there. What a luck!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Opening hours..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Oh ya.. my new bicycle. Nice looking ar.. :)

Unable to get into the area, I toured around the park and found a very important person. He is LimNee Soon. Sound familiar? After I read the article about him, I know he had contributed much to Singapore in the early days. No wonder he has a few town named after him. Also if you lives in Yishun, you should have heard of chong pang. Yup, chong pang is another person. He is the son of Nee Soon.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Statue of Lim Nee Soon

After visiting the park, I decided to visit another park, Lower Seletar park. It is situated next to Lendor Ave. It has a jetty which you can used to fish. Who know you can fished something nice in reservoir over there.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Fishing Jetty. A nice and cosy place for couple to pai tau at night. Wee u Wee..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Bridge?! No problem! Advance and Overcome!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Seletar Satellite Station(Classifield?)

Soon, I press on to next destination. Along the Lentor Ave, there will be one left turn into some area. Hardly you can see people or car travelling there. So I decided to check it out.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
This is the left turn. It say you must be less than 3.6m to go through. I guess I fit that condition.
Nice shot too. Background is a passby train.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Halt! Advance to be recongise..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Peaceful and quiet road stretches to.. er.. a far far away places..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Another train passby..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Got a tiny cut by the protruding branch while riding.

Well found out the road led to Seletar Satellite Station(pic as above) Then I ride to my attachment company. The pavement along Lentor Ave is narrow and uneven. The worst is some part of the pavement do not have barrier at the side of the road which mean you have no protection if vehicial is coming towards you. Despite that, you can reach the company safely if you ride carefully in around 40mintues. Imagine the amount of money saved during the whole attachment! But if I would be doing that, I will breath in alot of polluated air during the journy. Futhurmore I don't think my company got place to park my bicycle. They charged fee for parking. Have to think weight the pro and con.

Overall, I enjoy the trip today. When you have plenty of time to spend can consider trying this. Planning and access the "unexplored" area is quite an unique experience. Yeah! :)

1:35 PM

2nd Post - Mad!!

I drove today and stopped at the red light. I want to turn left but there was pedestrain crossing the road so I slowly move off my car. Suddenly the car behind horn and high beam. At that time I really cured and swear at the guy. I pointed my finger out of the window but was hinder by the window. I was really MAD and scolding all the vulgarity I know of. Never was I so mad before. (cb... What you expect me to do? Ran over the predestrain? or moved close the line? How you pass your TP?.. cb.. knn.. f*** driver of SDP788[something]..) If I see you I don't know what I will be doing next. Even after half an hour I still feel angry.

During that period, my mother keep calming me down. She kept saying I don't have tolerance. After I claim down, I realise how close I am in getting trouble. Also I found out more about myself. When I go mad, I lost human sense; I can't control myself. I should get a hold of myself. I guess my mother is correct, I have a weakness to overcome.

Should I thank that driver or should I curse that driver?

6:48 AM

Today I cooked carrot cake for my family. The carrrot cake is prepared by my mother the previous night. She knows how to cook alot of dishes.(now you know how I got this size.. haha..) I prepared garlie, oinion springe...

I prepare dishes for my brother and sister first. I added a few prawns. After she nearly complete her dishes, she walked up to me, bang her plate onto the table then scold.

sis: "You dunno I cannot eat prawn meh. you are so selfish, always think of yourself... Now, I felt itch all over already la..."
(while taking away my carrot cake I've prepared for myself. I wanna slim down so I did not add prawn. I do not know she dislikes prawn. )

sis:"You better finish that!" (pointing to her plate of carrot cake with prawn)

She is making a fuss out of it, walking out of the kitchen. A few moment later, she returned.

Sis: "You dunno I cannot eat prawn meh..?!"

From what I can recalled, you ate most of the crab last time. Ya, it's my fault that I don't know what you cannot eat.(not to mention you never request me not to add prawn) It's my fault to prepare the ingrediants while you are reading newspaper, waiting for your bf sms. I'm selfish that I cooked your meal before mine. I'm sorry we cannot serve you what you want us to serve you. We are always at fault. If anything you don't like, please shout n scold at us within four walls. Don't scream near the window and said thing we are afraid to hear like "zhong nan qing nu", all the good thing goes to the male(my brother and I). We get alot of things for we shared a room smaller than your one, you got 2 fans while we shared one, you got a new piano, you got a new computer when you enter poly, my one is bought by my own money. Yes, the male get alot of thing, you are the least privilges one.

I've done what I can. I have enough! I am not born to be a servant. It's time I find me myself back. When people said how they don't have this, don't have that, always treat other people good, I get frighten. Oh ya, before you want to shout and scream again, ask what you have done first.

Hope you will get enlighten someday!
Good Luck! We will never give up on you!

8:56 PM

Wah.. I watched front line today. The physicist said something about "jin shen fen lei zhen" The symptom he described suit me. I'm gonna find a way to release my stress or else I may get that illness. Release stress.. Release stress... Wah.. Look like I'm gonna see a doctor soon. haha.. :P

8:52 AM

Today I washed HDB flats. Ya.. it is those HDB unit which have not been sold and left untouch for years. I got this lobang from my uncle. Together with my cousin and their friend, we went for this work.

I never know what is called dirty or filthy till I stepped into the unit. Oh my god.. No wonder they need people to clean. The dust is what I called layers of layers. One sweep on the ground u can see the thick layers of dust. You will know that the floor is white and not the grey that you see. If you lay on the floor and wipe ur arm and leg, you will find an Angel imprint on the floor like what the people did in winter(Do or dare.. go try it.. )

I have taken a few shots in the flat.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
This is one of the many cockroaches being swept down the bin by me
Got live and not so live one.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Guess what is it? Bird Nest! Not the one you eat.
Imagine the house is left for how long never use, so much so that the bird has time to build a big nest and hatched the egg. I hope can find egg(golden one better) then can be my tommorrow breakfast(Joking la.. ya very cold..) But never find any, only nest.
It takes me years to clear it.
... *yawn ...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
This is one of the feather laying beside the nest. Evidence that it is a bird nest.
Wonder if the feather can be used as a writing instrument like the movie or not.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
See the layers and layers of dust?!
Ya.. this pic show my shoes print. (den can dig out and sell online like what the star do.. haha..) ya.. i know super cold liao..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Another pic to show the amount of dust deposit there.

Overall, it's very tedious and hectic to clean every inches of the floor. But after you clean the room, you will feel a sense of fulfillment. Imagine that unit is only for a few years so dirty, my room is even more longer also not as dirty as this. I realise how hard my mother put in effort everyday to clean and wash. hehe.. Now if I see anything which have abit of dust, I feel like cleaning and wiping it till sparkling clean. Abit overboard..?

I have found you? WHERE AER YOU?! Hard to find?!

5:21 AM

saw june's blog den suddendly sparked me to blog the trip in India. Got something intersting to share that cannot be find in singapore. still remember last Nov we take night flight to India. We have to start our journy in the middle of the night. zzZZ...

The horn of the buses is made of airhorn, those kind in the ship but smaller in size. My hotel is just beside the road. The buses just keep horning for don't know what reason. Even motor and car horn even though in the middle of night! Can't get a good sleep then. When I felt like sleeping, the sun rises. Arghh..

climb climb
First sight that we step out of hotel.
A man climbing up on top of a mountain of dry grass(shd be)

Another pics.. this is the time we look forward the most..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
This is where we bath throughout our stay beside the road. hehe.. (jialat.. half naked..) :P
The pump is shared by the villagers.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Guess what is it?
Answer is... a river of shit wasted down from toilet and accumlated there.

Overall the experience is uqiene. We took bull log to our worksite. Take tractor back. I don't think Singapore can find this. haha..

6:43 AM

Well, this is a request by michelle. Quite hard to answer.. *snatch head

Seven things that will scare me:
1. Illness
2. Height
3. Famine ( judge frm my size u shd know.. lol)
4. Lonely and lost
5. Losing my loved ones
6. Cockroaches?! (haha..)
7. Figure on the weighting machine

Seven things I like the most:
1. Happiness
2. World Peace
3. No starvation n disease
4. Good Health
5. Gold bar?!
6. Trying thing which I have not done before
7. Relaxed and Easy

Seven most important things in my room:
1. Pillow, blanket, bed..
2. Computer
3. Fan
4. Clothes
5. Tables
6. Lights
7. Books

Seven random facts about me:
1. Kaisu and kaisee person
2. Frog in the well
3. Cannot handle stress well
4. I like garfield and doramon
5. I sweat like running tap and still sweat
6. Like Politics
7. Get distracted easily

Seven things I can do:
1. Live without handphone and internet
2. Eat more than the rest?!
3. Play games all day
4. Do thing which other people normally don't do
5. Sleep longer
6. Talk cock sing song
7. Programming?!

Seven things I can't do:
1. Fasting! (will go crazy if I do)
2. Read story books
3. Go orchard road all day long
4. Get stress
5. Cannot tell lies
6. Stay up late
7. Sing (monotone)

Seven things I say the most:
1. kai wan siao (joking)
2. ya..
3. like that ar..
4. er..
5. wah sianz
6. funny sia
7. you are pro

Seven celeb crushes:
1. Kitaro (dunno whether this count anot)
2. J lopez
3. Jolin Tsai
4. Eva Longoria
5. Xin Yue Tuan
6. Micheal Jackson
7. F.I.R

Seven people I would love to do this: (taken from yisan.. lazy to do)
1. Any
2. 1
3. who
4. c
5. dis
6. can
7. do.

8:18 AM

Yesterday i saw an accident at yishun ring road while walking back to school. Two taxi kisses (collided with) each other. An ambulance was at the scene when I’ve arrived. This time fortunately, I don't think anyone is seriously injured.

This is the second time this road had accident for 2 consecutive weeks. First accident, one old lady was knocked down by a taxi. That time I noticed a crowd of people gathering beside the road. I know something was wrong then I realized that someone was hit.

What came to my mind is if next time there is a situation like this, am I able to provide first aid or be too shocked to do anything. If I were shocked, what good is I attended the standard first aid? If I were to attend to the victim, will I relieve her pain or will I cause more injuries. Mixed feeling ba... hard to say. Must wait till the situation happen then you will know.

Anyway we had a discussion regarding first aid today at my workplace. It’s interesting to heard June’s experience on her CCA. Mich and XB also talk about their band. Haha… during the conversation I suddenly have some ideas on how to make thing interesting for my cadets.. hahaha.. hehehe… but hor.. hahaha.. ohohoh.. anyway, that’s out of the topic.. keke..

8:30 AM

I've left some post @ my workplace. The internet is very slow and thus I type on notepad then transfer over. I'll get it transfer tmr.


8:24 AM

I called up this friend last fri.

Me: How's your at..(interrupt)

ZW: You know ar.. my friend ask me to ferry them go Geylang ar. Then they ask me to choose one girl ar. He told me he likes this girl ver much but this is the first time i go so they let me choose her lei. But hor I don't want lei. They keep asking me to take this girl but hor i don't lei.. .. .. Now ar, I reget lei.. ... ... think of it now I reget lei.. ... ..

ME: hmm?! orh..

ZW: now ar i wait in the car for them lei.. feel reget lei but when I made up my mind I won't change de lei.. ... ...

Fifteen minutes has pass..

ZW: .. $40 half an hour. We go into the house one lei. Then they will put condom for u one.. .. ..

Me: wow.. orh.. continue..

The whole conversation I only know one thing. He regets it. haha.. He keeps telling me he regets it. I suan him by telling him reget ar. He tell me the girls from these country la nice one, nature one then another country fake fake one.. He seems experience. haha.. Ok la, he's just influnce by his friend la. He's not that bad after all.. sometimes maybe.. Anyway he talk n talk until his friend return. then he wants to cut the phone. haha.. what to do..

Note: conversation has been edited so as not to make it xxx. :)

1:13 AM

Finally got a new bike. Not motor one but bicycle. I bought for 210 bucks, bargain down from 228. That shop owner seem quite piss off.. hehe.. peiseh ar.. I test ride the bicycle to lower seletar deep deep inside where old uncles sit there and fish. It's located beside the seletar airport.

You can see abit of runway and jet station at the runway. Very nice view.. If you wanna go there prepare to get a vehical; it's a bumpy ride to get there. My body and butt get so aches. erkk...

Result will out in Tueday morning. Pray hard hard that our result will be ok. Last chance to push GPA up to 3 liao. hehe.. pray hard hard.. :)

2:26 AM

4 days has pass liao
We have been assigned.. stored.. procedure.. STORE PROCEDURE...
ok la.. we got learned in poly but hor here very different. This is the first time I know stored procedure can have 5 or more SELECT statements in one SELECT, outer or inner join..Wo de ma ar.. -_-"" Normally in sch got 2 select statements consider very difficult liao.. now got so much.. haiz.. This one stored procedure we have been doing for i think going to be 3 days. Somemore computer so slow even worst.. haiz haiz..
My desk is more like my pig sty. I put whatever thing I can find from my home and bring to my desk. It's getting mroe and more packed as the day pass.. Muhaha.. Sit beside me is xuebin(giggle queen named by june)Sit infront of me is june and michelle(daiqui Queen)(whatever the spellig)
I found I'm getting more rounder le. So jialat.. Whole day eat, sit n eat again. No wonder that putting on weight. Must think of something or else die.
Attachment is so sian. When u started work, u look forward to lunch. After lunch you look forward to go home. Go back makan n sleep. Next day do the same thing again. Haiz.. U look forward to weekend. Then monday get monday blue.. haiz..

2:05 AM

Still very alive.. much..

wah.. second day for IPP..

So sian.. do nothing.. maybe beause we've just getting started..

The working enviroment is very comfortable, very cold.. very conducive.. We're located in one room all by ourselves(hurrrreeyy.. alot of privary!) Still can remember how much "house cleaning" we have done yesterday. We stepped into the room. wow.. so messy, dust everywhere, litter everywhere, spiderweb too(joking la.. ya.. very cold..) Then all of us "transformed" the whole room into what we call "our" room. Haha.. should have taken a before and after photo.

Today all of us brought something to office especially xuebin and I. Tell you what we bring, 2 rabbit dolls, 1 pig doll, 1 dunno what is it called but placed on top of my monitor, mugs, container fills with biscuits and coffee, fruitella sweets, coffee and cerel drinks.. This is day 2 only hor.. Michelle suggest bringing plants.. huh.. ok.. let me search first.. fake one or real one also can hor.. (lu bian de hua er, ni bu yao cai.. ya.. very cold again)Our office's view is nice, but face to the west so whenever the sun set, there will be reflection from our monitor.

Talk about the PC, vomit blood. U know the first day, we shift and transfer PC all around. I settled down with one PC. ok.. it's slow.. Internet also slow.. everything also slow.. except for tea break and lunch. I try another also very slow. Guess what, first PC is 500Mhz, second one is 733Mhz.. Wow.. all do not exceed 1Ghz. Then june and michelle's com is 2.87Ghz(ard there). Sob Sob.. But u know gentlemen have to let ladies first.. haha..

I can open the window. If at anytime, I'm frustrated in programming and computer hang ar, I can throw the PC down anytime(violent..!) Haha.. anyway have to deal with it. Really admire the previous batch of student working in these PC.

ok la.. go sleep and I've to wake up early tmr. zzZZ..

8:43 AM

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