Today I went online and surf net and came across a interesting website. It's quite fun to know that there are such laws exsist around the world. Wahaha.. So next time if you plan to travel, make sure you read up such site first..

Oh ya, they are under one network called dumb. It has other category such as Dumb Auctions, Dumb Bumpers, Dumb Criminals, Dumb Facts.. Got lots more.. I've a big laugh.. Wahaha..

For Dumbo, click here:

For Normal people, click here:

(Note: if you think there is different between these two, then you are dumb.. ) {Joking.. }

(Dedicated to the dumbos in my office.. enjoy reading.. cheers)

6:44 PM

huh..rental rebates for 700,000 households and HDB upgrading programme..

hmmm.. one thing is certain..

ELECTION maybe coming...


(Haha.. personal view ar..)

7:26 PM

Exploration II

Another exploration again. This time it's at Sebawang park. If you have been to the park, you will only see a small sketch of beach sometime filled with oil.(think from the nearby ship) But not many people know there is one bigger sandy beach on the another side of the park. So I decided to do a exploration over there.

See the jetty? It's located beside Bottle Tree Village and Wak Hassan. There's a sketch of beach which only appears during low tide. That mean you can only walk from one side of the beach to the another only when in low tide. Lucky I went on the correct time.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
You can take your gf and scroll along the beach. Make sure it's low tide or else prepare your swimming gear. Also one point to note, there maybe some uncles fishing down there so if you want to kiss or do other thing, do lookout for them, you don't want the atmosphere to be spoil rite? haha.. lolx..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Wall at the seafront. No idea why was it built.. for WW2 or Kampong village?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
This is the side of the wall.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Huge sandy coasty beachy beach..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
At the top of the beach, you can BBQ or tent over there.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Waterfall?! No la.. just a close up shot of the water flowing from long kang.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Nice Background for my 2x2(bike) ar..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
My bicycle in the middle of the beach.
(Note: To take this pic, you must find something hard for the bicycle's stand. The sand is soft and cannot support your stand)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Another shot..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
One more shot of my bike.. nice angle right?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Finally shot of my bike's wheel..

If you are interested, you can go to the following wesite which I happened to find in the net after the exploration. They have a rich content of history that you may find it useful.


5:10 PM


I've calculated my BMI recently. I'm 80.4 Kg now(Wah pian...!) and in order to reach acceptable weight, I must lose 10.9kg to 69.5Kg.. @#$%&.. or else, I will not be able to upgrade my Pes to B. As of now, I will need to enlist a few weeks earlier... :(

How can right.. I've been trying for years but weight still increase. Then in 7 months must lose 10Kg b4 I enlist. Aiyo.. anyway nothing is impossible.. Muhaha.. you never know when the next time u meet me, you will not recongise me. Hehe.. ok la.. enough of talking shit.. better go back to excerise more.. haha..

10:19 PM

Food Review

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

A few weeks ago, I went to Sims Ave with my parent to eat some tradition Hakka Food. It is own by one old uncle and aunty and is located at the side of the coffee stall. The stall name is Hakka Lei Cha Fan (客家擂茶饭).

Sound Chim.. what is that dish? When I tell you what the ingredients, you will be surprised. The most important ingredient is vegetables and more vegetable. It has bean and some other vegetables that I have not seen before. It is considered a vegetarian food if you take away the ikan bekli. The uncle will put the chop vegetables on top of the bowl of rice. So the top of will be filled with different kinds of vegetables. Then you have to mix around with the rice before you start eating. The taste is vegetable. Ok.. at least it’s a combined taste of different vegetable. Quite yummy! The ikan bekli and fried peanuts added crunch to it. It is a healthy food.

What makes this food special I think is its soup. It taste somehow a bit sour and the overwhelming smell will freak you out. From what I understand, the soup is made of some kind of vegetable. The uncle will pour one third of soup into the bowl and dilute with hot water. Imagine how thick the soup is. You need some practice to complete the soup. It is just like smelly bean curd, if you think it’s nice then you are prepared for this it.

Overall, it is a delicious and nutritious food. You should try it someday when you are free. In fact, it is listed in Singapore’s 50 Disappearing Food. They have a website.

Hope you enjoy!

8:13 PM

Today I shall post about my family car. A nice 20 years old Toyota Corolla with a 1.3L engine. This vehicle is older than I am! Despite its age, it can accelerate faster than most auto car found on the street now, beside the fact that auto vehicle accelerates slower. The steering wheel is very stiff and hard to turn. The gearbox is also hard to push as well. The air con if you switch on and off is the same. Other that all these, it is a good nice vehicle to drive.

Very soon we have to say Good Bye to this vehicle forever. The reason is the COE is going to expiry end of this year which mean only left 41 days on the road. After which, it will be send for scrap yard. Sob sob.. After all, this vehicle grow old with me. I want the car plate.. place in front of my bicycle? haha.. maybe..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Look.. i'm still able to do vertical parking after more than half a year.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Front View

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Counting down to 31 Dec.. last day of daylight.. then scrap metal..

8:57 PM

My Family has one characteristic which is BIG. Everything must be BIG, HUGE, GAGENTIC! Yup.. you will not believe till you see it yourself. Let me take a few example, the newly installed telephone. What’s so special about that? It’s not cordless nor any video conference phone. So what’s so BIG about this phone? The answer is its button. You can take a look at the picture below and you will understand. If you cannot see the picture clearly, at the top left hand side is 20 cent coin. The button is 2 times bigger than the coin! Guarantee from far you can see the button; it just can’t get any more bigger right. Haha..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Singapore's population is ageing. I think this type of phone should be common in the near future. I guess my family has started preparing for it. :)

Another example..

Do you ever see people buying 20 century eggs at one go? Normally we only bought the most 6 in a packet at supermarket. I have no idea where my father got this lobang. But after he bought the century egg, I think I fall in love with in them. Combine them with sliced ginger, you will get yourself a splendid, yummy taste of food. Well, it's true so much so that I even bought the porridge with century egg at Yishun Central. Yum Yum.. You should try it sometime..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Not to mention that we used to buy 50kg of rice sometimes. Imagine that only 5 of us, we can comsume 50Kg of rice in... 3 months? Then another 50kg pack. Now you see how I got my size. Oh ya.. my flat do not have lift. The worst part is we stay on top level. Ya..

10:33 PM

Today happened 2 things. First Xb, June and Mich was talking about xiaxue's trip in Thailand. They were talking about some Thailand Show. I heard "Tiger Show".

Xb: .. above 21 years old then can enter...

Me:(thinking) huh.. need 21 years old then can enter? Is it they afraid that the Tiger goes crazy then attack the trainer? Set the age limit so that the kid would not be able to watch the horror scence if it occur.

I thought at that time it sound logic. Then as June they all carry on the conversation, I found it more and more unrelated. Finally, I surf XiaXue's blog. I realised I've commited a "Da Wu Long". It's not called "Tiger Show" but is "Thai Girl Show".

WT.. -_-"

Aiyo.. no wonder age limit is 21 years old!

Later that day, outside the office was pouring rain like no other people business. I was late for off work and Mich they all waits for me. When we reach the meeting point, we saw our company bus went off. If we decided to walk instead, we will be "lou tang chi".

So we decidecd to hail a cab. THe driver did not place "Hired" and we all just happyily enter the cab. Then the uncle ask "are you ms .."

We: huh.. ?

Taxi: Anyone of you called ms ..

(We boarded the wrong cab. The most embrassing part is beside the taxi are plenty of staffs around. We can't feel there is a hole beside and dug into it. How embrassing.. haha.. All because of my fault.. lol.. )

We: ... @$%&*...

So I decided to buy a potato chip for them the next day. However, before they have a chance to eat, I've eaten half. Xb and June consumed the rest. Mich is left with nothing.. will she notice the chip is gone? I think after reading this blog she will realise.. haha..

1:32 AM

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