With Fireworks being sparkled around the sky, it mark the end of Year 2005. It has been an eventful year in 2005. Much thing has happened and some left us with memories that will never fade away. But no matter what, we have to carry on with our life. With a New year coming there will be new hope. Wish everybody will be get their wish comes true and good health to everyone!

It has been 2 years since our last meeting. How time flies. I have learn alot during this 2 years, learning new thing everyday. Even though it may seem to be an end, I still feel that there is a something which is yet to be clarify. Till get this thing striaght, I will keep spinning around in the cycle, keep wondering thinking it will be true. Certain memory can't be erase. It feel like it happen just happen yesterday. Nevertheless, you know it will not repeat again. Sometime it feel like foolish thing to do but yet you still do it. I don't know why. You have gone so far away and I am still at the starting point in doubt. No matter what, take care of yourself and Best Wishes.

9:44 AM

Haiz.. Chirstmas come so fast and gone so fast.. Today is the last day of the holiday.(What I want most!!) This year chirstmas is a great havest. I've received a tissue holder(exchange gift, got from Fel's bf terence, placed in my father parent car liao), toiletry set from my ex tution teacher(first time seeing this thing) and a card from Fenni(peiseh could not send card in time)

Spent yesterday celebrating with my cousins and nephews. Have a fun time playing with them, talking cock with them. The best part is the food! Unfortunately, I've caught a Fever and sorethroat which made have to adsent from alot of gurmet(@#$%&*)

Suppose to be in Sentosa today, haiz.. too bad I've not recover from my illness and could not be with my NCC friends. The worst part is I've gotten the present(you look at my size you should know what I've bought, Expensive one lei..) but then Look like I've to eat myself.

Tommorrow will be going back for FYPJ. Only the FYPJ guys will be in school cos all other student will be having their Break. Why not us??(Gerkk..) So I will be lonely, Mr Lonely..
Anyway better to go back school, doing nothing at home also.

3:54 AM

Five days have pass since I went back for FYPJ. I met alot of people from tall guy[zhiwei] to even taller guy[mingwie n lim hong](Twin tower) to round guy[me] to even more rounder[cihao] to a.. erm.. flat? [jx](To protect her identify)...

Finally met all people who I've not seen for 3 months. Shawn coloured his hair, mingwie grow his hair, Hong zhng his hair, I removed my armpit hair(joking la.. ya.. very cold)

First week nothing to do, can walk here walk there do nothing. Also there is no mood to do as Chirstmas is near. Also just got a lecture by my sup for not going to sch as I've not feeling well. haiz.. so suay.. Just hope that next wk will be better..

Oh ya.. I've played O2 Jam recently till I got dizzy.. blur blur.. However, I am able to dress up my character. He will not be naked anymore. Muhaha..

12:30 AM

The Hangman

1. A man employed to execute condemned prisoners by hanging
2.A game in which one player chooses a word whose letters are guessed at by another player. For each wrong guess, a new part of the stick figure of a hanging man is drawn.
(extracted from dictionary.com)

Recent unfortunate event has made me research about this. Have you ever wonder who would do the job of hanging another person in Singapore all these years? If you watch drama or Movie, it isn't hard to piece together the imagine of hangman. Wearing a black mask with two holes for the eye. Then he would measure the size of the condemned man neck, put the rope around the neck. Eventually, when the time arrived, he would pull the lever. Cliccckkk... then you know what happen.

The face of hangman is finally releaved. He is 74 years old Indian man and lives in western part of Singapore. From the news report, our hangman received $400 for every hang. He also mentioned he has hanged over 800 peoples which mean to say he would received $320 000(don't know before tax or after tax) if the rate remain constant. . I think his occuption has been hanging people upholding justice. (wonder how his resume would look like)

Well, this thing has to be done by someone. If not Singapore would not what it is now. Oh ya, I can tell you this is one job which I would not apply.

To take a look at our handman, Click here

12:36 AM

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