I'm am having my FYP this period and the project that required me to use PDA phone. Wah Pian, first time touching this thing before. It's huge but quite slow. From the model, it's only available recently late last year so it's quite pretty new.

My supervisor loan it to me(Muhaha..) I Can show off around can design my project with a real physical device. It will improve the relationship between the school and student reality of developing project for company. However, when you walk around with this, you will feel "wanted" by robber. Hair drop can grow back, PDA drop your ball also has to drop. Gonna protect it with all my life sia

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A picture of IPAQ
(this is dedicated to xb who is in Blk R. Envy this pic? haha)

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Name: Tan Wei Sheng
School: NYP

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