I have recently notice some of my keys are unless and have been carrying and putting weight on my pocket. (that will explain why my pant would drop)

Looking at the reduntant keys, some of which are useless even a few years ago. It is very bulky and uncomfortable especially when it is placed at the back of your buttock. Nonetheless, you feel like you have a "seh" around you, like the keys could open a safe full of goldbars in my house.

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Key from the right:
1) Car Key (Corolla)
2) Small Lock key
3) Bicycle Chain Lock key
(Bicycle stolen ard 4 years ago. I think I should put this key to the crime sence so that thief could retrieve it?!)

5:47 AM

_________Drifted all the way...___________


Name: Tan Wei Sheng
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