Goodies Bag Packing

Getting a goodies bag may seem easy. But when it come to packing. it is a logistic nightmare! Trust me, next time u heard about goodies bag, it will freak you out.

Since a few years ago, my CCA have been welcoming our newly joined cadets from all around country to a ceremony inside Singapore Indoor Stadium. We will give them a Goodies Bag each. So each year there will be estimated 5 thousands bag to be given.

With such a huge quantity, so how are we going to pack?

Answer: Mobilize everyone you can find in the name list.

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Volunteer hardworking at packing.

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Shown here are only a small portions of what is suppose to pack.

The turnout is consider not bad. We managed to settle all 5 thousands goodies bag within one day. Our initial target is 3 days.

A good job well done!

While we were celebrating our achievement, the day started to rain.. and it get heavier. Pis* off with it. Then for a moment I thought, we have coconut tree and it's raining.. hmmm... we could run under the tree like Bollywood movie. haha..

Fortunately, there is plenty of flatten wooden boxes.

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Scrolling under the rain

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How sensational..

9:52 PM

_________Drifted all the way...___________


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