Yesterday marks the final day of our poly life. Looking back, it has alot of sweet and sour memory. Just like remembering the first day of school is yesterday, we are not familiar with each other and everyone was just starting to know each other. Then every hour is like every semesters passed. With every semester gone, we learn and work with each other, helping those who are in need, playing punk together, fly each other plane together... Those were the times that left a deep impression in our heart. Now the only thing we could do is to keep memory together so that 10 years down the roads, we will still remember each other.

Now with the poly is over, one stage of my life is also over, how about the next one? Enlisting? Siging on? Further study? No matter what the case, I like to say Thank you guys for giving me such a wonderful experience in NYP. Anyway talk about the last day at FYP, I'm still rushing for new assigned task by my supervisor. Yup.. only like the last 5 minutes of the day that my supervisor confirmed that my project is finished. Phew.. Finally it's over. However, I skilfully took sometime off from my hectic project for a few camera shoot. (proj can nv be completely done but the day will definitely be over). While I was coding halfway, something happened. Jia xian has finally straightened her hair!! WAH!!

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Sheng Chuan waving. Oh ya, Lecturer Fong remember our coat ar..

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Left: jia Xian, Lim Hong, Me
Speak no evil, Hear no evil, See no evil.

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Left: Lian Sheng, Hong again(act gangster), Me

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Kiss?! My first Kiss? I must be dreaming..

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Left: Wen Jun and Me!

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Left: Desmond, Me, Fahmi
Excellent Buddies for gym workout

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Left: Fren(Dunno the name), Michelle, Me

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Left: Cihao and Zhi wei

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Left: Daniel and Siyun

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Left: Me and Xian Rong

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Left: Me, Michelle, Jun(1) wei(1) aka Junz, sixth month

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Left: The com which I'm using for FYP.

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Remind me of the days at SSDC.
To Fel: I nv said it is ur helmet ar.. oh ya.. forget to take ur pic so no pic here.. peiseh ar..

Take Care Guys!

4:14 AM

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