I meet a long lost primary school friend of mine during my course. But he is married with a nine month old children. During my bus trip home from base, we chat about his baby. From what he describe, the baby must be very cute.

From I chat, I realised he is mature in thinking. It is really impressed to see that such a young age he actually has soild plan for the future. I can see he must have gone through quite alot.

There has been one saying in chinese that a boy will only become a man if he got married. I find it quite true. Army supposed to turn a boy into a man (claimed by the advertisement) However some of them, from what I have seen, never grow up. (wonder if army has failed them or they have failed the army).

So what's the morale of the story?

If you want to become a man, get married with children or join the army?

It depend on yourself.

some thoughts only..

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